We have a couple of entries of the new Downtown Abbotsford series up now across our social media accounts (shameless self-promoting in 3…2…1… our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram + @tretheweyhouse). It’s fascinating stuff, and all local history buffs or just people seeking to learn something new and a little less appreciate should definitely check it out! To save you all the trouble of scrolling down to the first piece, I will include it here, but to see the second and all subsequent ones, you may want to follow one (or all) of the accounts linked conveniently above. 

Without further ado, here’s the first part:

The Hotel Atangard on the corner of Essendene and Montvue Avenues was opened in 1927 by business partners Atkinson and Gardner (hence the name, Atangard).

Considered THE place to go in town, it was managed by the always elegant Mrs. Atkinson, and families for generations would dine in the café on the first floor. Its architecture is significant to the historic downtown, and the sign on the Montvue avenue side of the building is original to its 1927 date.