Alrighty, here’s the fifth spot the difference game answer key! As always, the disclaimer is to head over to our Facebook or Twitter pages to see the unsolved puzzle and then head back here to see how successful you were at finding the various alterations!

PS: This will be the last time the answers will be provided (slash cross-promoted) on the website. In future, the keys will simply be made available on our corresponding Facebook post as a comment a day or two later (I.E: Twitter users will need to head over to Facebook and Facebook users can stay where they are and follow Twitter for other reasons, haha). Just a heads-up on the upcoming change (though it will be mentioned there anyway)!

Now, at long last, the answers:

  1. A large branch was removed from the tree to the left.
  2. A piece of wood leaning up against more pieces of wood was deleted.
  3. That fella’s shovel up and vanished!
  4. The mountain in the distance apparently ran off with the shovel.