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Heritage Abbotsford Society prides itself in its care for being the memory of the community, which includes the task of acquiring, storing, caring for, and sharing with the public artifacts in the collection. Heritage Abbotsford currently stores and cares for over 30,000 artifacts and materials dating from European contact in the area to 40 years from today. A small portion of the artifacts in the collection is on display in Trethewey House, which we interpret and show to the public.

The artifacts on display in Trethewey House pertain specifically to the era that the house has been restored to, and are supplemented by props that have been acquired through the same collection process. The Heritage Abbotsford collection holds photographs and cartoons from local artist Ernie Poignant, various school books used by students who attended South Poplar school in Abbotsford, as well as objects and information pertaining to various Matsqui-Sumas-Abbotsford settlers.

If you would like to learn more about the now City of Abbotsford’s history, or have artifacts or archival materials to donate, please contact curator@heritageabbotsford.ca, or call the office during open hours at 604-853-0313 to schedule an appointment.



Permanent Collection

The Permanent Collection contains artifacts that serve to illustrate the culture, founding settlements and developments of the City of Abbotsford. These artifacts are are older than 40 years from the current date. To learn more about the Collection, please read the Collections Policy.

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Archive Collection

The Heritage Abbotsford Archival Collection are designed to illustrate the history and development of the Abbotsford Region. To learn more about the Collection, please read the Archives Policy.

If you would like to donate an artifact or archival record to the Society, please schedule an appointment with the Collections Manager. The Collections Manager will evaluate the object’s condition, whether or not the collection already contains similar artifacts, its provenance etc., and consider the item(s) for inclusion into the collection on the basis of the resulting findings.

Please understand that we cannot accept all offers, but only those which are a good fit for the Society’s mandate and Collections or Archives policies.